The Town Stratford in Prince Edward Island, Canada has been striving to build a better governance system in order to achieve its’ ultimate goal of building a better community.

It follows then that a better global governance model is the path to a better world so the Town of Stratford created the One Governance Foundation  to facilitate the Global Governance Project The purpose of the Foundation is to:

  •  develop a better Global Governance System that employs best practices, and is designed to enable people to truly represent themselves in the democratic decision making process, leading to more democratic, sustainable, effective and efficient outcomes.
  • promote the adoption and use of the new Global Governance System by governments and citizens all around the world.

The foundation was created under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and it will be owned by the people of the world, represented by those who become members.   All people who participate in the effort to build, operate or use the decision making platform will be members (non-voting )of the corporation.  Members must agree to work positively and collaboratively towards achieving the purpose of the Foundation.

Any member can apply to become a voting member to help guide the foundation corporation in its’ mission. Voting members shall, together, form the Advisory Board who shall be appointed pursuant to a process approved by the Board of Directors.   The Advisory Board will work collaboratively with the Board, to achieve the purpose of the Foundation. The composition of the Advisory Board shall reflect the composition of the population of the area served by the decision making platform.  The Board of Directors may appoint Advisory Board members from outside the membership to ensure that the composition of the voting members reflects the population of the area served.

Join the Global Governance Project and Help to build a better governance system and a better world.